One of the the first things you learn in film school is that working with children and animals tends to be extremely hard. We wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t try, though! We made things even more complicated by deciding to shoot most of the video outside, at night.

Right from the very beginning, we felt this story should be told from the dog’s perspective but we won’t be saying more not to spoil the video! And by the way - spending five days in the cold was nowhere near as painful as we thought it will be. The kid we cast, Janek, and two dog stars we used as doubles - Falko and Tekla - were both nothing short of amazing. It seems like sometimes trusting your gut and making brave decisions kind of pays off.
Watch here:

Sony Music Poland
directed by: Dorota Piskor
cinematography: Tomek Ślesicki
written by: Dorota Piskor, Tomek Ślesicki
starring: Falko, Tekla, Jaś Wojciechowski, Lucjan Mleczko, Maks Amanowicz, Karol Vo

production manager: Karol Vo
set decorator, costumes: Oliwia Waligóra
dog trainer: Jagna Nowotarska, Michał Santorski (Controldog)
camera assistant: Katarzyna Średnicka
make-up: Adrianna Orych, Magdalena Michalik
help on set: Lucjan Mleczko, Maks Amanowicz, Marcin Rostkowski
edit: Tomek Ślesicki
grading, FX: Tomek Ślesicki

thanks to: Warszawska Szkoła Filmowa, Maciej Ślesicki, Pies Filip, Bartosz Brzeziński, Buba, Marek Nogal, Little Beast, Rentcam, Hubert Ruszniak, Michał Wojciula, Sebastian Kołakowski - Prezes AUTOMOBILKLUBU ,,Rzemieślnik" - właściciel Giełdy Słomczyn, Osiedle Cicha Dolina, Jakub Pikula, Daria Zawiałow, Patrycja Kaczan