We’re a multi-award-winning team working primarely in fields of film and music videos. We handle the whole production process in-house - right from the concept, through the shoot, to the editing, VFX and delivery of the final mind-blowing file for you to enjoy.
We’re working along a dedicated crew of young, talented people to bring our stories to life. The crew is small, but we’d rather call it essential. We have our feet deep in indepentend film production and that’s just the way we prefer to work. No matter what the budget is.

Sound’s good? Want to do something together? Let us know!

Selected awards and recognitions:

BOKKA - Town Of Strangers Best Video Of The Year
(Outrave Awards)

Kroki - Cover Me
Silver Screenings
Berlin Music Video Awards
Dawid Podsiadło - Powiedz mi, że nie chcesz
Best Video Of The Year
(Music Is)

Lari Lu - Nad Ziemią
Best Video Of The Year (Somusic, Nomination)

Warsaw Village Band - Midsummer Rain Song
Best Cinematography(Camerimage, Nomination)

Sorry Boys - Phoenix
Best Video Of The Year (Outrave Awards, Nomination)