Bus driver commercial

A story-driven commercial we shot for the Warsaw Bus Company (MZA). They wanted to show that being a bus driver can be a job for a lifetime. And that’s exactly what we did, creating a story that spans over 30 years in just over a minute (in this extended version). How quick is that?
Watch here:

Warsaw Bus Company (MZA)
directed by: Dorota Piskor
cinematography: Tomek Ślesicki
written by: Dorota Piskor
starring: Daniel Chryc, Lucjan Mleczko, Ewa Mossakowska, Adam Bobik, Bruno Kotnarowski, Ala Warchocka, Elżbieta Studniarek

production manager: Karol Vo
set manager: Ada Stalewska
set decorator, costumes: Oliwia Waligóra
camera assistant: Piotr Janczar
make-up: Małgorzata Jurkiewicz 
grip: Norbert Bernstock
help on set: Lucjan Mleczko,
edit: Tomek Ślesicki, Dorota Piskor
grading, FX: Tomek Ślesicki