We’re always looking for contrasts - both when it comes to our stories, and images that we create. This time, we decided to pair anamorphic lenses (that are typically used to shoot high-budget movie epics and sci-fi) with an intimate story about jealousness and lack of trust that makes everything go wrong. To balance it out, we decided to shoot everything hand-held and in low-contrast black and white. And yes - it was bloody cold when we shot this one. Again.
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Warner Music Poland
Credits:directed by: Dorota Piskor
cinematography: Tomek Ślesicki
written by: Dorota Piskor, Tomek Ślesicki
starring: Anna Wysocka-Jaworska, Szymon Milas, Nina Karpińska, Bartosz Cymbalista, Roman Statsenka, Marcin Wiśniewski, Mariusz Zieja

production manager: Jacek Kryszkiewicz
production assitant: Anna Frączyk
props: Zosia Sikorska, Maja Głowacka
costumer: Flora Kamusińska
make-up: Marzena Stępień-Furmanek
editing: Tomek Ślesicki, Dorota Piskor
color / fx: Tomek Ślesicki
cinematographer's assistants: Katarzyna Średnicka, Roman Statsenka
stills photographer: Katarzyna Średnicka

thanks to: Michał Hurkacz, Andrew Willingale, Rebecca Hawley, Bodek Pezda, Kinga Miśkiewicz, Marcin Wiśniewski, Mariusz Zieja, Maja Głowacka, Stefan Gańko, Gabriela Kryszkiewicz, Jacek Kryszkiewicz Senior, Mariusz Komacki, Norbert Burkowski, Karol Zakrzewski, Piramida Film, Bar Przydrożny Ryba